Biosecurity Investigates Possible Bat Sighting

The Environment, Natural Resources & Planning Directorate (ENRP) was made aware that members of the public had sighted a bat in the Jamestown and Ladder Hill areas before and during the Christmas period.

The Biosecurity Section of the ENRP have since investigated the possibility of bat sightings on the Island and the research undertaken suggests that the sightings does not fit with the possibility of a bat or bats being present on the Island.

Checks were made with Customs staff and workers involved with the unloading of containers at the Wharf, but no one saw any creature resembling a bat or an unusual bird during their operations.

The Biosecurity Section also visited the Wharf during the hours of darkness, during which there was no sighting or confirmation that a bat or new species of bird maybe present on the Island.

The Biosecurity Section is always happy to hear from the public who feel they might, or indeed have, experienced new sightings of birds, animals or insects.

Should you require any information or have any concerns regarding possible sightings of a bat or new bird species being seen around the Island, please contact Biosecurity Officer, Julie Balchin, on tel: 24724 or via email: or Biosecurity Assistant, Nicholas Stevens, on tel: 24724 or via email:

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5 March 2021

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