Anna Thomas passes course in Chemotherapy-Enhancing Practise in Cancer Care

Hospital Staff Nurse, Anna Thomas, has recently achieved a Level 6 in Chemotherapy – Enhancing Practice in Cancer Care. Anna started her course with Teeside University in January of this year and completed in September.

The online course assessments consisted of two components. The first was a Portfolio of Systemic Anti-Cancer Treatment (SACT) essential evidence and the completion of the SACT Competency Passport. Anna will be required to renew the Competency Passport annually in order to remain on the United Kingdom Oncology Nursing Society’s Safe Handling and Administration Accreditation Register. The second component of the course was an assignment on the chosen statement ‘Side effects of Chemotherapy cause significant morbidity and mortality’.

Anna said:
“I am very pleased to have had the opportunity to study and complete this course. It was very beneficial to my professional development in nursing and has broadened my knowledge on the safe administration of chemotherapy and how to provide holistic care to our patients and their families. I can now confidently implement all that I have learnt into practice and I look forward to progressing within this specialised field of nursing: I am now qualified to administer chemotherapy treatment.”

Health Services Director, Janet Lawrence, added:
“This is the first time that one of our local nursing team has pursued a chemotherapy pathway in nursing. Chemotherapy is a relatively new service for the Health Services Directorate and this is an
extremely promising start to further developing that service.”

Congratulations are extended to Anna on her achievement.


14 October 2021

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