International Literacy Day

Head of English, Ms. Osterman, delivering assembly to Prince Andrew School students

Today, Wednesday 8 September 2021, is International Literacy Day – used to remind the public of the importance of literacy as a matter of dignity and human rights.

Prince Andrew School (PAS) celebrated International Literacy Day with a special assembly on the importance of reading. At PAS reading ages are tracked throughout the year; students who made the most progress were rewarded with a £10 book voucher courtesy of the Parent Teacher Association.

Top students were:

Cavendish HouseDutton House
Mia YonChristopher Midwinter
Taylan PhillipsTyrone March
Katelyn LawrenceRaylisha Piek
Jayden Scipio-O’DeanLiam George
Jayann FowlerScott O’Bey
Cody GeorgeNate George
Jenkins HouseMundens House
Rachel NewmanRhiann Joshua
Jodie ThomasEureeze Peters-Stevens
Jasmine GerrishEmma-Lee Cochran
Santina StevensKalem Henry
Shania HerculesTaleah Crowie
Calum FowlerBen Crowie

Certificates were awarded to last year’s top students in English for effort, achievement and progress, as well as certificates for students who reached their targets for Accelerated Reader.

Head of English, Peggy Osterman, explained:

“On average, reading ages are below where we would like to see them, but students have made great strides in improving their literacy. It was great to celebrate the success of so many, particularly boys who are often not keen on books. We still have a way to go but I’m hopeful reading ages will continue to improve.”

In lessons throughout the day, teachers added literacy-focused activities to stress how important reading is in their subject. Teachers also produced a series of posters about ‘A Book I Love’ to further share their reading and encourage students to do the same. In English lessons, students had the chance to make their own posters, and share books that they have enjoyed. A large display in the corridor provided information for students to explore reading, and see some famous faces who prove that dyslexia is not a barrier to success.

Outside of school, PAS marked International Literacy Day by hosting ‘Thought for the Day’ on Saint FM. Each morning, a different reader shared a passage from a book or poem they enjoyed. Head Teacher Penny Bowers will close the week on Friday with a passage from ‘Island of the Blue Dolphins’ by Scott O’Dell.

Head Teacher, Penny Bowers, summed up the day, commenting:

“Having good literacy is the foundation of learning – you need to read confidently to access any area of the curriculum. It’s also important to think critically about what you read, especially when it comes to information and keeping safe on the internet. It’s been good to take the opportunity to communicate this to students; now it’s up to them to take it forward and succeed.”

Island Primary Schools also celebrated International Literacy Day and a full feature of their activities will be published in the next edition of the St Helena Ambassador.

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8 September 2021

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