2020 Year-end Report for St Helena’s Labour Market Strategy Released

The 2020 year-end report for St Helena’s Labour Market Strategy: 2020-2035 has today been released by St Helena Government (SHG). 

In December 2019, Executive Council endorsed the Labour Market Strategy (LMS) to take effect from 1 January 2020. The LMS identifies programmatic targets that will be reviewed every six months as well as indicator data that will be reviewed annually. These reviews will ensure the goals of the LMS are achieved and that the Strategy continues to meet the needs of St Helena. 

The actions outlined in the year-end report support the goals of the LMS to improve labour market outcomes, increase St Helena’s population and prepare the workforce to achieve the vision of the Sustainable Economic Development Plan.

Key accomplishments during the second half of 2020 include:

  • SHG Human Resources updated the job application form to include a section called ‘qualified by experience’. This allows candidates who don’t have formal qualifications to outline their relevant experience and be shortlisted against that
  • SHG Human Resources completed its Recruitment and Selection Code of Practice. This includes:
    • Guidance on the use of risk assessments to allow consideration of applicants who have a previous dismissal or conviction
    • An appendix with formal qualification frameworks to assist with evaluating experience and qualifications
  • The St Helena Community College (SHCC) has set a schedule to conduct six-monthly training needs assessments for the private sector and to receive annual submissions by SHG. A training plan will be devised in accordance with what training is required and is possible for the SHCC to deliver. The training needs assessment for 2020 was completed in this period
  • The Career Access and Economic Policy Assistant began work developing aspects of Career Access St Helena (CASH), including planning the website which will launch in 2021
  • The Immigration Policy subject to public consultation in late 2020 included proposals for permanent resident status and short-term employment schemes to support working holidays. The Policy is scheduled to be finalised in 2021
  • With the support of SURE and SHG IT, the Education, Skills & Employment Portfolio has been able to improve internet provision in schools and the SHCC 
  • The Education, Skills & Employment Portfolio is reviewing the careers education programme to ensure alignment with strategic priorities.

The full end of year report can be found on the Public Information, Reports and Policies page of the SHG website: https://www.sainthelena.gov.sh/government/public-information/

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23 April 2021

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