St Helena Water Levels

  • Water levels up by 3% due to decreased consumption and increased rainfall
  • Stored water now at 39%
  • Connect Saint Helena Ltd water pumping continues at optimal rate

Recent rainfall, combined with consumption rates falling within the targeted rate of below 1,000 cubic metres for six out of seven days in the past week, have seen the Island’s water stocks increase by 3%.

Stored water is now at 45,117 cubic metres, or 39%, representing a weekly average of 44 days.

Despite this slight increase, Island water stocks remain dangerously low, meaning we all must spread the word to continue to preserve as much water as possible to ensure that the situation continues to improve.

Connect Saint Helena Ltd (CSH) is continuing to pump water from Hutt’s Gate, Chubb’s Spring and Warren’s Gut. Recent rainfall has directly contributed to the amount of water being pumped with systems now pumping at an optimal rate.

With mostly dry weather, it would still take at least a few weeks of heavy rainfall for surface flows to increase and stocks to replenish.

Members of the public are encouraged to catch and use as much rainwater as possible during bouts of rain. This will contribute to a lower consumption rate, which in turn will help to preserve and improve Island water stocks.

We are currently under an Island-wide hosepipe ban. If you see anyone using water irresponsibly or notice a burst pipe or leak, then please inform CSH immediately.

Every drop counts, every action counts – Everyone must save every drop of water possible.

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St Helena Resilience Forum

18 February 2020

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