St Helena Water Levels

  • Surface flows continue to decline despite recent rainfall
  • Current water stocks are around 40,000 cubic metres (35%)
  • Consumption for the week fall within target levels
  • At least a few weeks of heavy rainfall is still needed to help replenish stocks

Despite recent spells of rain, especially in the mornings, surface flows to the Island’s reservoirs continue to decline. This is largely due to the ground being so dry that rain water is absorbed before it can filter through to the reservoirs.

The Island’s water stocks remain dangerously low at 40,000 cubic metres or 35%. This is still a serious situation and, with very little surface flows, the Island has become reliant on water extracted from bore holes.

Average daily consumption over the past week has been 973 cubic metres, which falls within the target level of below 1,000 cubic metres. This is a credit to the efforts of everyone on St Helena – well done to all! This type of water preservation must continue to improve our current situation.

Councillor Cruyff Buckley commented:

“The community should be commended for their efforts so far in conserving our precious resource.

This situation has shown me that, in times of hardship, this community can pull together for the greater good. In addition to the collection and storage of water is the need to use it resourcefully. I have no doubt these last few years have been an eye-opener for us all to take stock of our life-giving necessity and to utilise it in the most efficient ways possible.”

With mostly dry weather being experienced around the Island, it would still take at least a few weeks of heavy rainfall for surface flows to increase and stocks to replenish. In the interim, with surface flows still declining, Connect Saint Helena Ltd (CSH) will continue pumping water to Island reservoirs to ensure stocks do not run dry.

Every drop counts, every action counts – Everyone must save every drop of water possible.

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St Helena Resilience Forum
22 January 2020

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