Rockfall Mitigation Protection Project 2020 Completed

St Helena Government, CAN France and Fairhurst are pleased to announce the completion of the Rockfall Mitigation Protection Project on Friday, 10 July 2020.

CAN France would like to thank the 26 Saints who were directly employed over the course of the Project, as well as the innumerable members of the public who assisted CAN France during their time on-Island.

Over six months, the Rockfall Project team has constructed:

  • 5475m2 of high tensile Spider netting at Rupert’s Jetty
  • 6400m2 of draped hexagonal rockfall netting at Rupert’s Jetty
  • 1800m2 of draped hexagonal rockfall netting at the Access (Haul) Road
  • 2790m of Geobrugg GBE rockfall barriers across Rupert’s and James Valleys
  • 360m of lightweight catchfence above Jamestown Wharf
  • 45m length of rock trap at Rupert’s Jetty.

CAN France would also like to thank the public for their patience during the closure of trails on Munden’s Hill. These trails are now open to the public, including upper Munden’s Path and Saddle Battery Ridge. Fairhurst would like to remind users that the lower trail of Munden’s Path remains closed due to significant instability on the lower Path.

Did you know?

If all 1200 steel anchors used in the Project were laid out end to end, they would reach from the Seafront to the Heart Shaped Waterfall!

Photographs: What The Saints Did Next

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SHG / CAN France / Fairhurst

13 July 2020

St Helena Government Communications Hub

Telephone: 22470