Highways Authority And Environment & Natural Resources Committee Meetings Summary – Thursday, 18 June 2020

At their monthly meeting on Thursday, 18 June 2020, the Highways Authority was asked to consider and approve proposed designs for the Longwood Walkway. This walkway is intended to create a safe environment for pedestrians including school children to travel between the Harford Community Centre / Harford Primary School and the Longwood Green area. This is a micro-project funded through the Economic Development and Investment Programme (EDIP). Approval was given for the proposed project design.

Other issues discussed were an application to use a traffic cone to reserve parking in Jamestown, procedures for the erection of scaffolding and safe access to public roads from private properties.

At the Environment & Natural Resources Committee meeting, the Chief Economist presented a draft Water Resources Strategy. This document was the result of a motion tabled in Formal Legislative Council by Councillor Dr Corinda Essex highlighting public concerns about the Island’s water infrastructure.

The draft Strategy sets out St Helena Government’s intentions in relation to water resource planning and management. Its purpose is to contribute to the achievement of this vision, by ensuring that there is sufficient quantity, quality and affordability of water to enable people to live, work, raise children, visit and do business on St Helena at standards described in the respective supporting policy documents. Further work will be undertaken to develop a Water Resources Management Plan for the Island.

After much discussion the Committee approved the document which will now be taken out to public consultation. The dates, times and venues for the consultation will be announced shortly.

The development of works at the Comprehensive Development Area (CDA) at Bottom Woods West was discussed and approval was given to the Technical team to design a concept to develop the Longwood East CDA.

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24 June 2020

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