World Elder Abuse Awareness Day 2020

Elizabeth (Mamma Lizzie) Peters seated on the bench dedicated to senior citizens of St Helena

Today, Monday 15 June 2020, is World Elder Abuse Awareness Day (WEAAD) – used as an opportunity for communities around the world to promote a better understanding and raise awareness of abuse and neglect of older persons.

On St Helena, WEAAD was recognised with a number of events during last week concluding with a special bench unveiling Ceremony held at the Castle Gardens today.

The Ceremony started at 10am with a speech by Community & Residential Disability Manager and UN St Helena Domestic Violence Project Manager, Nicolene Adams.

In her speech, Nicolene said:

“To conclude this Campaign, I would like to ask everyone on St Helena to strive to enhance the capacity of our older people and for us to support them so that they themselves can be who they are for as long as can be. And, if they cannot do that anymore, I ask everyone to get together to make sure that we strive to do more for those who cannot do for themselves and to care for them far beyond our call of duty. Let us make an internal decision to look after our elderly with the respect that we would want to be looked after in life because one thing is certain; that we will all one day grow old.”

The bench and plaque was then unveiled by HE Governor Dr Philip Rushbrook and St Helena’s oldest resident – Elizabeth (Mamma Lizzie) Peters – who is 101 years old.

Leading up to the day, a gift presentation was held at the Princess Royal Community Care Centre (CCC) on Friday, 12 June 2020, for residents of the CCC. Residents, along with their family and friends, enjoyed afternoon tea and cakes and were entertained with music by Mr Vince March’s Band. Residents were also presented with a DVD Player, donated by the United Nations, in recognition of WEAAD.

In addition, a special ‘Tribute to the Elderly’ radio programme was held on local radio on Saturday, 13 June, and many religious dominations highlighted WEAAD and honoured the elderly in their congregation on Sunday, 14 June 2020.

CCC Manager, Rosalie Brown, added:

“This Campaign has been a great success and gives the elderly people of our community the recognition they deserve and continues to raise awareness about the effects abuse and neglect can have on our elderly.”

Nicolene concluded:

“I would also like to extend thanks to the United Nations Development Programme for the funding, the WEAAD Committee, Age Ways Charity, Human Rights Commission and the Health, and Children & Adults Social Care Directorates for ensuring the success of the campaign. Thanks are also extended to the Standard Bar, The Blue Lantern and Rosie’s Bar & Restaurant for lighting up their premises with the colour purple in recognition of WEAAD. Finally, thank you to the community of St Helena who participated in the events and supported the campaign.”

Click here to read HE Governor Dr Philip Rushbrook’s speech given at the presentation in the Castle Gardens on Monday in recognition of World Elder Abuse Awareness Day.

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15 June 2020

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