Use Of Fog Lights


St Helena Police have recently received concerns from members of the public regarding the misuse of fog lights.

It has been noted that many drivers are using their fog lights in place of their head lights when driving through hours of darkness, including when there is no visible fog present.

Operational & Neighbourhood Police Inspector, Julianne Stevens, commented:

“We would like to take this opportunity to kindly remind road users that driving with your fog lights when no visible fog is present can cause interference i.e. dazzling to other drivers, which, from a driving safety point of view, could be dangerous.

“Let’s all remember that when we drive our vehicles, we take into account all factors whilst on the road – our vehicle condition in that it is all in working order, our speed limit, and the condition of the road which can also be affected by the weather and determines which lights we use in certain conditions. Be mindful and let us all show a common courtesy to other drivers.”

Remember, your main head lights are to be used in the hours of darkness or severe weather as a warning to others that you are there, and our fog lights to be used when it is foggy or the condition lends itself to heavy mist. When the fog or mist clears please revert back to using your main head lights.  

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9 April 2020

St Helena Government Communications Hub

Telephone: 22470