Update On September Charter Flight Details

Titan Airways’ Boeing 757-200 at St Helena Airport (July 2020)

St Helena Government (SHG) can confirm that this week’s charter flight is planned to proceed tomorrow, Wednesday 16 September, following a two-day delay due to poor weather conditions on St Helena.

The flight, operated by Titan Airways using their Boeing 757-200 aircraft, will depart Stansted Airport, UK, at 1.15am (local time/BST) and is expected to arrive at St Helena, via Accra, at 12.10pm (local time/UTC). The flight will operate a shuttle service to Ascension Island on Thursday, 17 September, returning to St Helena the same day. The flight will overnight on St Helena before returning to the UK via Accra on Friday, 18 September, departing the Island at 8am (local time/UTC).

The flight route is as follows:

DateFlight NoDeparture TimeDeparture AirportArrival AirportArrival Time
16/09/20ZT724100:15 UTC 01:15 LocalLondon StanstedAccra07:15 UTC 07:15 Local
16/09/20ZT724108:00 UTC 08:00 LocalAccraSt Helena12:10 UTC 12:10 Local
17/09/20ZT724207:50 UTC 07:50 LocalSt HelenaAscension Island10:00 UTC 10:00 Local
17/09/20ZT724211:25 UTC 11:25 LocalAscension IslandSt Helena13:35 UTC 13:35 Local
18/09/20ZT724308:00 UTC 08:00 LocalSt HelenaAccra12:00 UTC 12:00 Local
18/09/20ZT724312:45 UTC 12:45 LocalAccraLondon Stansted19:55 UTC 20:55 Local

The public is reminded that St Helena Airport remains closed to visitors and non-travellers. Passengers arriving on the charter flight will be transported directly from the Airport to commence their 14 days of compulsory quarantine. Likewise only departing passengers will be permitted to enter the Airport precinct. Those transporting passengers to the Airport will be asked to drop them off outside the terminal.

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15 September 2020

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