The Public Service is Changing

Good public services are vital for an inclusive economy, a fair society and for people to live fulfilling lives.  We are at the start of our journey to create a Public Service on St Helena that is equipped to deal with present and future challenges, provides a solid foundation for a fair economy and society, and is able to make the most of potential opportunities.

As part of this we are rearranging our functions from directorates into larger ‘portfolios’ to ensure we have a more streamlined structure, with services and functions that have a shared or similar purpose grouped together under one senior manager.  This means moving some functions and reducing from eight Directorates to five Portfolios plus a Central Support Service. 

The graphic attached shows the new portfolio areas, all led by a Portfolio Director reporting to the Chief Secretary, and briefly explains their purpose and focus.  Most of the portfolio areas are based on one of the current Directorates; some have a couple of services or functions added or moved elsewhere.    

Benefits include:

  • More joined up ways of working through having functions with a shared or similar purpose working together 
  • A reduction in silo-working and improved customer service for customers or service users
  • Increased opportunities for resource sharing between similar functions
  • Increased opportunities for multi-skilling
  • Clearer career progression pathways through the Public Service
  • A better ability to flex and respond to changing demand
  • A smaller, more focused Senior Management team better able to collaborate across Portfolio areas
  • A focus across all Portfolio areas on sustainable growth and development; and
  • That we are fit for the future and whatever that may bring.

We welcome feedback:

If you have feedback, including comments, concerns, alternative ideas or questions, you can provide feedback via email.  Please send feedback to:  All feedback needs to be received by Tuesday, 17 November 2020.

What next? 

Creating the five Portfolio areas plus the Central Support Service now, will allow the Portfolio Directors to lead on full functional reviews of their Portfolio area during 2021.  This is Phase Two of the Fit for the Future Programme and will commence in early 2021. 

This work is vital to ensure that the Public Service can positively respond to the opportunities and challenges we will face during the coming years.  Our focus will be on ensuring the Public Service becomes more efficient in its processes, including how it uses its resources, to maximise service delivery and achieve our mission to improve the lives of all within our community and help the Island thrive.

Public Service Portfolio Changes

4 November 2020

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