St Helena Weekly Police Report

WEEK OF 16 – 22 NOVEMBER 2020

During the week of Monday, 16, to Sunday, 22 November 2020, St Helena Police dealt with a total of 36 reports, resulting in four arrests.

One person was arrested for Theft in relation to an ongoing investigation. They were bailed to return to Police Headquarters, pending further enquiries.

One person was arrested for breaching a Sexual Offences Prevention Order. They have been charged and will appear before the Magistrates Court.

One person was arrested for Driving Whilst over the Prescribed Limit. They were charged and bailed to appear before the Magistrates Court.

One person was arrested for Criminal Damage and was bailed to return to Police Headquarters, pending further investigations.

Other crimes reported last week included an Assault, which is being investigated, a minor Road Traffic Accident that required no further Police action, and an alleged Theft. The alleged Theft was however established to be a civil matter, whereby the complainant was advised of such and given the appropriate contact information.

Police were called to a private residence following an emergency medical report. The person was placed in the care of the medical team, with the Police having no further involvement.

Two reports were made for the Concern of Safety. The first was for a child who was later located and returned home. The second was for an adult, who was supported by the appropriate agency.

A number of alarm activations occurred in the last week in Longwood and Jamestown, all which turned out to be false alarms.

Several reports were made of a dog chasing vehicles in the Deadwood area and a dog causing annoyance in the Sapper Way area. Police will be rolling out a campaign to raise further awareness and provide education around the laws surrounding dogs and dog owners.

Police are still proactively carrying out a number of operations including community engagement and the serving of summons.

Until next week – Stay Safe!

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24 November 2020

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