St Helena Weekly Police Report: 14 – 20 September 2020

During the week of Monday, 14, to Sunday, 20 September 2020, Police dealt with a total of 60 reports, resulting in four arrests.

A report of a burglary was made and Police are currently investigating the matter.

A report of theft was made and this is currently under investigation.

Following the collection of evidence pertaining to an ongoing matter, a person was arrested for harassment alarm or distress. Pending further investigations they were bailed to return to Police at a later date.

Two persons were arrested following reports of sexual offences being committed. These persons have both been bailed to return to Police due to further investigations being required.

A person was arrested for failing to provide a sample of breath after they were suspected of driving whilst over the prescribed limit. However, it was ascertained that further investigations were required and the person was therefore bailed to return to Police at a later date.

A report of a vehicle being vandalised was made and this is under investigation.

A report of dogs worrying livestock was made, however no detailed information was given. Dog owners are reminded that they must have their dogs under the proper control. Dogs worrying livestock is a concern to the owners of the livestock as they can suffer a significant financial loss at times.

A report of a missing child was made as well as concern for a child’s safety. These two reports were linked to the same child. The child was found safe and well.

Two reports were made of threatening and abusive behaviour, this matter is being dealt with.

A report was made of a rubbish fire which was put out but then reignited. The St Helena Fire & Rescue Service was called to deal with the matter which required the assistance of a private contractor. The fire was extinguished and the area was made safe.

A report of criminal damage to a dwelling was made and this is being investigated.

The Sea Rescue team was requested to assist a boat out to sea, during the early hours, which was safely towed back to the moorings.

A report was made of a damaged bench in the Castle Gardens. Inquiries are being carried out as well as engagement with regular visitors to the Gardens.

A report of reckless driving was made and is being investigated.

A report of verbal abuse was made and is being dealt with from a multi-agency perspective in order to support the victim.

A report of loud music was made and was quickly dealt with.

A report of a vehicle obstructing a fire hydrant was made. The public is advised that obstructing a fire hydrant has serious consequences in the event the hydrant is needed. Parking in Jamestown is a recognised issue, however, as careful and competent drivers we must be responsible at all times and take matters such as this into consideration.

Following a separate matter it was established that a vehicle was being driven on the road without a valid licence. This matter is being investigated.

Police assisted in the controlled rock fall at Rupert’s on Wednesday, 16 September.

Due to poor weather conditions, three reports were made of rocks and debris on roads in various locations around the Island. The Roads Section dealt with this.

A boulder was seen obstructing the road in the Sandy Bay area. The Roads Section was contacted and dealt with the matter.

A minor road traffic collision was reported and resulted in no further Police action.

A report was made of a cat’s carcass in the road. The Veterinary Service was contacted to deal with this.

A report was made of an oil spill, which the Roads Section safely dealt with.

A report of a fallen tree at Halley’s Mount was made. The Agriculture & Natural Resources Division dealt with the matter.

In addition to nine summons being served, a community service order and a probation order was also served and community engagement was carried out.

Lastly, Police have in their possession some found property going back to February of this year. The items are an Apple IPhone and a motorbike top box. For further information, please contact Police Controllers on tel: 22626.

St Helena Police would like to take this opportunity to thank their partnering agencies for their assistance over the week, working to keep everyone ‘altogether safer’.

Should you have a report, please call Police Headquarters on tel: 22626. Controllers will take your report details and make an assessment, which will then be followed up by a Police Officer. Details are pertinent, therefore please be patient and understanding when you are asked for information.

Until next week – Stay Safe!

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22 September 2020

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