St Helena Two-Weekly Police Report – 5 October – 18 October 2020

During the weeks of Monday, 5 October, to Sunday, 11 October, and Monday, 12 October, to Sunday, 18 October 2020, Police dealt with a total of 71 reports resulting in two arrests.

One person was arrested for a sexual offence following an ongoing investigation.

One person was arrested for breaching a Court Order.

Two reports of sexual offences were made and is being investigated.

A report of a child being assaulted was made and is being investigated.

A report of assault was made, investigated and dealt with.

A report was made for the concern for safety of a juvenile. This was looked into and the juvenile was found at a place of safety. No further Police action was required.

Another report was made of a child’s safety, however Police attended and found the child to be safe and well.

A Public Order offence was reported and dealt with.

Police assistance was requested whereby it was ascertained that specialist support was required and was provided by the Health team.

Cannabis plants were found on Crown Waste Land. This matter is being investigated.

The Fire service was requested to assist the medical team.

A report of criminal damage was made and is being investigated.

Two reports of theft were made and is under investigation.

A report was made of small rocks falling in Jamestown. The Rock Guards were informed and dealt with the incident.

A report of a neighbour dispute was made. This matter is being approached from a multi-agency perspective.

Police assistance was requested to prevent a possible breach of the peace. This matter was dealt with without incident.

A report of harassment was made and is being investigated.

A special service (services outside of the Police Service) was requested for the attendance of the medical team.

A request for special service was made after a tree had fallen through the roof of a house. The appropriate services were deployed and the family was rehoused.

A further report of a fallen tree was made due to severe weather conditions, the Agriculture & Natural Resources Division was called to deal with the incident.

A report was made of a road traffic collision. A roadside breath test was carried out and the driver was found to be under the legal limit. Damage was caused to the driver’s vehicle only. No further Police action was therefore taken.

A report of a vehicle being driven without rear lights during the hours of darkness was made. The driver was informed and advised to rectify the defect before the next hour of darkness.

Two persons were found to be driving a motor vehicle on a road without valid insurance. These reports are being investigated.

A report was made of a vehicle causing obstruction in the early hours of the morning. This matter was dealt with.

A report of a civil matter was made. The complainant was advised to contact the Public Solicitor’s Office.

In addition to operational requirements, community engagement was carried out, a Protection Order was issued, and seven Summons were served.

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23 October 2020

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