A charter flight to repatriate St Helena residents from South Africa will take place on Monday, 18 May 2020.  The flight will travel on to Ascension Island, returning to St Helena the following day continuing back to Johannesburg.  The charter flight is being operated by SA Airlink on behalf of the St Helena Government.  

The flight is expected to arrive at St Helena at 2.15pm and due to arrive at Ascension at 5.30pm.  The flight will return to St Helena the following day arriving at 10.15am (times are subject to change).

As previously announced, this flight has been arranged to repatriate St Helena residents from South Africa including medical referrals and carers in Pretoria who have completed their treatment and are able to travel, and South African citizens wishing to depart St Helena to return home.  The flight also gives St Helena residents currently on Ascension the opportunity to return to their homes on St Helena.

The flight will carry airfreight to St Helena from South Africa.  Due to the nature of the flight only pre-approved essential items will be accepted.  A small number of items which were not loaded on the last scheduled service will also be carried.  In addition some critical medical supplies from the UK via the RAF flight will be flown from Ascension. 

Arriving passengers will undergo 14 days of quarantine at Bradley’s Camp. Those passengers with specialist medical requirements may be quarantined at an alternative location identified by a Proper Officer if their continuing medical needs make this necessary.  

Up to 30 passengers are due to arrive from South Africa and 21 passengers from Ascension.

The public is reminded that St Helena Airport is closed to visitors on flight days. As a result there will be no opportunity for friends or family to meet and greet returning residents.  Passengers will be taken directly to their assigned quarantine facility from the Airport.

There will be a Police Checkpoint on both days at the junction to the Millennium Forest and only authorised personnel and vehicles will be allowed to pass.  The road barriers at Mole Spider Hill will also be closed and again only authorised personnel and vehicles will be allowed into the Airport. 

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15 May 2020 

St Helena Government Communications Hub

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