Rockfall Protection Project Update

Construction of rockfall barriers above Ladder Hill Road

James Valley

At Ladder Hill, four rockfall barriers are complete. The remaining two barriers will arrive on the MV Helena next week and will be installed in June using the helicopter. CAN France would like to thank the public for their patience with essential road closures during construction on Ladder Hill.

Anchors for three rockfall barriers above the Hospital have been drilled. These barriers will be constructed in June, with the assistance of the helicopter.

Along Maldivia Road, fence posts are in place for rockfall barriers totalling 440m in length. These barriers will be constructed over the next two weeks.

A lightweight catchfence is to be installed below a 360m section of Mundens Path, from the Customs & Port Control building to the end of the Wharf. In the interest of public safety, restrictions to Wharf activities are necessary during construction, including changes to parking areas and pedestrian access.

Rupert’s Valley

At Rupert’s Wharf the rockfall barrier above Lower Mundens Path is complete, as is the rock trap adjacent to the Wharf. There is still a significant amount of construction to be completed – a second rockfall barrier, Spider netting on the upper crags and draped netting on the lower rock slope.

Half of the fence posts at the Bulk Fuel Installation and the Power Station have been set in place by the helicopter, and construction of the barriers will be ongoing for the next two weeks. The remaining barriers will arrive on the MV Helena next week.

Pupils from Pilling Primary School visited the helipad last week. The children, who have been watching the helicopter lifting rockfall barriers on Ladder Hill over the last two weeks, met the JET Systems crew and had a look inside the helicopter.

Questions on any aspect of the Rockfall Protection Project can be directed to Project Supervisor, Catherine Inglis, via email:

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SHG/CAN France/Fairhurst

12 May 2020

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