Remembrance Sunday 2020

Remembrance Sunday Service 2016

Remembrance Sunday falls on 8 November 2020. On this day The Right Reverend Lord Bishop of St Helena Dale Bowers will conduct a Divine Service at the Cenotaph. His Excellency the Governor will attend. 

All persons wishing to take part in the Divine Service are asked to assemble at the Cenotaph by no later than 10.40am.

It is on this day that we not only remember with gratitude those persons who fought and lost their lives in the violence of War but we also honour and pay tribute to those who served and survived these Wars.

A special place will be reserved at the Cenotaph for serving and ex-servicemen and women and also St Helenians who served on the old RMS St Helena during the 1982 Falklands War. It is hoped that many will attend the Service.

There will be a First Aid Station on the deck of Donny’s Place and those participating in the parade including spectators are welcome to make use of these facilities if required. You are also reminded to stay hydrated and drink plenty of water before and during the Service.

Please contact Fiona Duncan at the Castle on telephone number 22470 for further information.

3 November 2020

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