Jamestown Streetlight Project

The Jamestown Streetlight Project is a two-phase Project to replace all existing high energy consumption streetlights in Jamestown with more energy efficient (solar and LED) type streetlights. Procurement of the lights was funded under the Economic Development Investment Programme (EDIP) Micro Projects and the installation phase will be funded by the savings generated.

The first phase of the Project was to replace 45 streetlights with full solar type streetlights. This phase was completed during the early part of this year. As per the conditions set by the Planning Section, all lights upwards from The Market in Jamestown were allowed to be full solar type streetlights.

The second phase of the Project is to replace 31 existing streetlights with a LED mains type light in the Heritage compliant style, including new poles and brackets. All lights from The Market down towards the Seafront, were specified to be replaced. Of these 31 lights, six are fastened to the sides or corners of buildings, and the installation and commissioning were completed in May/June this year.

The contractor is now busy with the installation of seven lights in the Castle Gardens. Originally there were only five lights to be replaced, but after input from the Police and Children & Adults Social Care Directorates, it was agreed to add an additional two lights. The work at the Castle Gardens is expected to be finished this week.

Streetlight in the Castle Garden

Looking forward, the aim is to have all the lights from The Market down towards the Arch replaced before the end of the year. This all depends on the savings that can be achieved by using more energy efficient lights.

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20 August 2020

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