Jamestown And Rupert’s Valley Rockfall Protection Project Update

This week, CAN France are drilling catchfence anchors above Ladder Hill Road, at the Bulk Fuel Installation (BFI), Power Station and Rupert’s Wharf. Drilling will shortly commence above Maldivia Road, from Cambrian House to Estcourt Gardens. Maldivia Road will remain open during the works, but road users should be aware of an increase in traffic in this area while works take place. For public safety reasons, Rupert’s Wharf remains closed until construction is completed.

One drilling rig (road-based telescopic handler) finished on Ladder Hill Road on Tuesday of this week. However, the second drilling rig (on-slope rig) continues to drill anchors, and will be joined by grouting equipment this week to inject cement into the anchor holes. The closures of Ladder Hill Road and Shy Road will continue until 20 March. Ladder Hill Road is closed to vehicles and pedestrians from 9am – 3pm, Monday to Friday, and Shy Road is closed 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

18 Saint Helenians have worked alongside CAN France to date, in a range of roles such as drilling assistant, grouting team, anchor set-up and safety banksman. Efforts are continuing to employ and train local people throughout the life of the project.

In the next few weeks, drilling will also commence on one small section of the Access (Haul) Road, on the hairpin bend above the BFI. This drilling will be for the top and bottom anchors of draped rockfall netting, similar to the netting currently in place above the Jamestown Wharf.

One lane of the Access (Haul) Road will be closed, with short-term full closures during crane lifts. Further details of these operations will be released shortly.

The catchfences and netting will be constructed with the assistance of a helicopter, which will be based in Rupert’s Valley. The helicopter will lift the fences and nets into position, which greatly increases the speed and safety of the construction process. Unfortunately, due to poor weather in Cape Town, the arrival date of the helicopter is not known at this time.

Also planned as part of the Project are a catchfence above the Hospital, two types of draped netting above Rupert’s Wharf, a rock trap at the far end of Rupert’s Wharf and a bespoke catchfence just below Mundens path, on the Jamestown Wharf side. The rock trap will be constructed of surplus tyres from the Island, filled with rocks and sand and placed in a two meter high bund. The construction of the rock trap and bespoke fence is currently planned for May. Construction of the fence above the Hospital will depend on the helicopter arrival date.

Once again, CAN France and Fairhurst would like to thank St Helena residents both for their patience and their welcoming spirit. The project team is available at the site compound in Rupert’s Valley to answer any questions that may arise during construction.

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SHG/CAN France/Fairhurst

6 March 2020

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