Jamestown And Rupert’s Valley Rockfall Protection Project Update

Catchfence above upper Bulk Fuel Installation

This week, CAN France commenced drilling for a 90m fence on the east side of upper Rupert’s Valley.

Catchfences above Maldivia Road

As part of the year-long design phase, Fairhurst created a series of rockfall models along Maldivia Road using their knowledge of rockfall behaviour on St Helena combined with geological mapping. These models consider the size of the potential rockfall, the runout zone, the location of receptors (person, property, road etc), and the probability and level of damage. These rockfall catchfences have been designed to provide a significant risk reduction to Upper Jamestown. CAN France has commenced drilling for these fences, working from Estcourt Gardens back down the Valley.

Rockfall netting above Rupert’s Wharf

A geo-hazard assessment by Fairhurst identified the potential for small to moderate sized rocks to fall from the vertical cliff above the access road. The road will be protected with draped hexagonal netting which safely channels fallen rocks to the base of the netting. CAN France has installed the top anchors for this netting. Bottom anchors will be drilled using a tele-handler in a few weeks’ time.

The hazard assessment also identified the potential for rockfall from the large crags on Mundens Hill to reach the Wharf access road. The rock sizes are within the capacity of Spider netting, which is the diamond shaped netting already in place above James Wharf. CAN France has started drilling the top anchors for this netting, which will continue for a couple of weeks.

Rockfall netting on Access (Haul) Road

CAN France completed installation of the anchors for the hexagonal netting on the Access Road a week early. The netting will be installed in April/May. Another partial lane closure will be needed for this phase.

Rock trap at Rupert’s Wharf

CAN France is looking for old tyres of any size to use in the rock trap at the Wharf. If you have any spare, please provide your name, phone number and number of spare tyres to Contracts Manager, Arthur Bourret, via email: abourret@can.fr.

Any questions on the Project can be directed to: catherine.inglis@fairhurst.co.uk.

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SHG/CAN France/Fairhurst

27 March 2020

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