Governor Rushbrook St Helena’s Day Messages

On St Helena’s Day 2020, Governor Dr Philip Rushbrook, sent out the following messages via local radio stations to the people of St Helena:

Saint FM Community Radio

My very good wishes to everyone today, on this our most special time of the year, St Helena Day.

I want to ask you at this time to think about the opportunities for our island. The beautiful land and sea around us. The characters and communities in the localities where we live. The way of life and heritage that makes St Helena unique amongst other island territories.

Whilst this 21st May falls in one of the most unusual years anyone has lived through, we should remain positive. The world situation will pass and we must plan now for our future.

Some of the certainties and opportunities of the recent past have been disrupted but we are a resilient community. So, today, I ask you to put aside concerns about the world and enjoy today in a pleasant and safe way with your family and friends.

A happy and relaxing St Helena day to you all.

Philip Rushbrook
Governor of St Helena

SAMS Radio One

This year St Helena Day is taking place during a year that is perhaps like no other in our lifetime. But, the concerns we have all seen around the world of lockdowns, disruption and illness, whilst desperately important and challenging, are not a reason for you and your families and friends to overlook your history and heritage on this, the most special day of the year. So, this St Helena day I ask you to remember and celebrate… yes, celebrate… it in a pleasant, memorable and enjoyable way.

Give thanks too, to the beauty of this island around us, our lifestyle and friendships, and especially to those who will still be working today ensuring we can all remain healthy, safe and protected.

Thank you.

Philip Rushbrook
Governor of St Helena

St Helena Government Communications Hub

Telephone: 22470