Environment & Natural Resources Committee Meeting Summary – Thursday, 14 May 2020

The monthly meetings of the Highways Authority and the Environment & Natural Resources Committee took place in the Council Chamber on Thursday, 14 May 2020.

The Roads Manager confirmed that the erection of additional signage for the Airport Access Road had been completed and conveyed thanks to Mr Larry Francis for designing and manufacturing these signs.

Additional parking at the General Hospital is still being investigated and, although areas have been identified, there are planning and funding issues that need to be addressed. The Roads, Technical and Planning Sections are working diligently to tackle this problem. It may be possible to use the disused playground at the Quarry and to widen the road at Maldivia, which could accommodate 20 to 30 car parks.

The monthly Roads Works Programme was disseminated among Committee members and the Roads Manager and Roads Inspector gave an overview of the works that will be undertaken within the coming weeks. Some road works will be deferred because most of the Anionic Bitumen was used on pathways at Bradleys Camp. The Roads Manager is in the process of procuring a replenishment of Anionic Bitumen.

Works are ongoing at the Bottom Woods Comprehensive Development Area (CDA) although this had slowed in recent weeks due to staff involvement in other projects. The Infrastructure & Transport Technical team was commended for what has been achieved. The majority of the work is being undertaken in-office designing the layout of the site and the associated infrastructure and utilities. This is time consuming but necessary in developing a site of this scale.

Tenders are being invited from interested contractors for Phase 1 of the road construction and also for the building of the Government Landlord Houses (GLH). When the road is completed the plots identified for private build within Phase 1 will also be advertised to the public.

House designs similar to those of the GLH will be available to successful applicants of these plots should they wish to have them. This will be included in the package of the land sale/lease and is intended to speed up the process to allow building to commence. There will be no requirement to submit a plan and wait for planning and building approval. The Technical team was commended for taking this resourceful approach.

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27 May 2020

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