Education Committee Meeting


The monthly meeting of the Education Committee took place on Wednesday, 17 June 2020.

The Director presented the current Strategic Objectives for the Education & Employment Directorate and sought guidance from the Committee as to whether these would remain relevant for the next financial year 2021-22. Discussions took place on whether the inclusion of ‘employment’ on the Education Committee’s remit would affect the objectives and it was agreed that the current objectives would remain on the condition that should the inclusion of ‘employment’ necessitate a change, then this would be actioned. See the Education & Employment Directorate’s Strategy and Delivery Plan (2020-2023) here.  

Through discussions, the importance of ensuring that a link is maintained with the current skills shortage on the Island was emphasised. The importance of the Career Access St Helena (CASH) scheme with regards to succession planning and in attracting Saints back to the Island was also highlighted, as well as the need for increased public awareness around job opportunities and for sharing these with students. Communication and updates on links with the Labour Market Strategy was deemed necessary.  

The Committee was made aware of current on-going work focusing on skills gaps and opportunities for potential employment. There are links developing between Workforce Planning, the Apprenticeship Scheme and Scholarships.

A review of the current service provision of the Education & Employment Directorate took place. It was agreed that, as all services linked to the Policy Priorities for St Helena, they should remain. The Committee was reminded of an initiative to connect the Public Library and Archives which could result in the Public Library sitting under a different directorate. It was noted that the St Helena Research Institute might also form part of this venture.

A review of the Education Committee Checklist was undertaken and, with some amendments, was agreed for use from the next meeting. Through the use of this Checklist there would be consistency and compliance in the practices of the Committee. As part of the compliance requirements, an annual schedule was shared for agreement. This schedule ensures that all key business of the Committee is accounted for as required on an annual basis. 

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14 July 2020

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