Bottom Woods West Comprehensive Development Area (CDA) Update

Bottom Woods Comprehensive Development Area (September 2020)

Works are well underway on the Bottom Woods West Comprehensive Development Area (CDA). The current stage of works include excavating the Phase 1 plots for the new Government Landlord Housing (GLH), and also excavation of the plots which will be made available for the public. Despite the temperamental weather, good progress has also been made with the demarcating and grading of the proposed road network.

Connect Saint Helena Ltd has also relocated some of the existing overhead power lines on the site. This will allow the proposed new CDA to incorporate all the new services in underground service trenches.

Expressions of Interest for the Construction of the Government Landlord homes were recently advertised. Contractors who registered their interest have collected their information packs and have been onsite for a visit with the Civil Engineer. Contractors will soon submit their tenders and an evaluation process will follow.

Bird’s-eye view of the Comprehensive Development Area

Earlier in the year it was planned to have an Open Day at Essex House to allow interested persons to view the plans of the site. Unfortunately this was not possible at the time, but shortly the Technical team will be able to present the layout of the plots that are available.

Prospective buyers will still have the option of using approved house plans designed for Government Landlord Housing for their site if they wish to. In addition, St Helena Government (SHG) will also be able to supply the buyer with a site plan of the site they have purchased.

During this first stage of the Project, a large amount of excess soil has been stock-piled. Because of the work on site, this was not able to be released to the public until it was safe to do so, however the Project is now at the stage where this soil can be released. The soil will be free to those who wish to have it, but arrangements must be made with Isaac’s Contractors for loading and delivery as the site is still a construction site. Isaac’s Contractors can be reached on 62466 or 22493.

Members of the public should note that access to the Bottom Woods CDA is restricted whilst construction works are underway.


10 September 2020

St Helena Government Communications Hub

Telephone: 22470