‘Booze It, You Lose It’ – Drink-Drive Campaign Week Two

Message from the St Helena Police Service

During the second week of our ‘Booze It, You Lose It’ drink-drive awareness campaign, St Helena Police have been active in many areas on-Island including Sandy Bay, Half Tree Hollow, Longwood, Ladder Hill,  Jamestown and on the Haul Road.

Despite there being two reported road traffic collisions, these were of a minor nature and it was pleasing to know that there was no suspicion of alcohol involved.

Following on from last week’s views on drink-driving from young members of the community, this week St Helena Police have gathered the views of individuals who have previously been disqualified from driving due to having been convicted of drink-driving offences. This is what they had to say:

  1. “It affected me quite a bit as it was an inconvenience going about my daily life after losing my licence. Sometimes I would be late for work or other places where I was supposed to go. It was also worrying for me when my girlfriend was about to have our baby, I knew it would have been much easier if I had my licence.”
  2. “Losing my licence affected me in a lot of ways, especially jobwise, being a mechanic. I couldn’t always get to where I needed to go and had to turn down a lot of business and customers to the shop because I couldn’t go to fix their cars. I ended up having to pay money for taxi fares. My advice is just not to do it, driving drunk is never good.”
  3. “It affected me greatly and messed up my work because I am a truck driver and that was very important to me. It wasn’t too bad in terms of paying taxi fares because my girlfriend was taking me where I needed to go. But now my girlfriend has to hire a taxi on Saturdays because I can’t pick her up anymore. My advice is don’t drink and drive if you care about your livelihood.”
  4. “I wouldn’t say it affected me that much because I have friends and family to drop me off at places I want to go. I don’t have to pay to hire taxis that much. But still I would say – don’t drink and drive.”
  5. “Losing my driving licence has presented problems in relation to being able to travel faster and further and has contributed negatively to the effective and efficient way of living my daily life. Things like shopping, family and social visits, including professionally, as the job role I perform requires a vast amount of community participation and unregulated hours of work duties to meet the role.
    The loss was at first difficult to accept, but it was later that I realised the outcome was within no one else’s control but my own. Reflection goes without doubt every day that I am alive because it’s through small, stupid actions that are irreversible where tragic outcomes can happen.”

Please don’t make the mistake that they made – don’t drink and drive.

Together we can all keep our community safe!

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30 July 2020

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