Airlink Flights And South Africa Coronavirus Restrictions


The South African Government has imposed strict border controls to contain the spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19).

We have been in touch with the South African Government to understand what the new entry and transit controls are, as there has been some confusion.

Our understanding of the new controls that affect St Helena (as of Thursday, 19 March 2020, at 4pm) are as follows:

  • Non South African nationals arriving from any listed banned country (e.g. China, France, Germany, Iran, Italy, Republic of Korea, Spain, Switzerland, USA or United Kingdom) cannot transit Johannesburg airport or enter South Africa. This is interpreted as including people planning to transit through Johannesburg to St Helena.
  • We have been assured that all persons leaving St Helena will be allowed to transit through Johannesburg Airport on this Saturday’s flight.
  • We cannot confirm, if arriving from St Helena, you can enter South Africa, unless you are a South African citizen or resident. We are making further enquiries about entry to South Africa for non-South Africans, especially in relation to routine and emergency medical journeys.

As air travel arrangements around the world are changing on a daily basis, we cannot guarantee the weekly flight to and from St Helena beyond this Saturday. 

We therefore advise anyone thinking of leaving St Helena in the near future to consider booking on to Saturday’s flight. Please note that you are advised to book onward connecting flights too, as it is unlikely that you will be allowed beyond the transit area of Johannesburg airport.

19 March 2020

St Helena Government Communications Hub

Telephone: 22470