A group of staff from the St Helena Police Directorate have successfully passed a Crime Scene Investigation (CSI) course, delivered by Fingerprint Expert & Crime Scene Investigator, John Ayres, who recently visited St Helena from the UK.

The course was delivered to a range of students from within the Police Directorate, including officers from the St Helena Police, Fire & Rescue, and also Immigration. In addition, Sergeant Michelle Thomas-Lawrence has been trained by John to be able to deliver this training course to future students.

John said:

“Originally trained at New Scotland Yard as a fingerprint expert and crime scene investigator 27 years ago, I have worked the last ten years on CSI projects all around the world, including my first visit to St Helena in 2012. The aim of this course was to give basic CSI skills to a group of officers so they may attend crime scenes and collect forensic evidence professionally and with integrity.”

The ability to recognise and preserve evidence at the scene of a crime is crucial to identifying a suspect and ensuring a conviction. Whilst CSI is mostly associated with murder, it is also important in other offences like burglary, road traffic collisions, thefts, criminal damage, and arson to name a few.

This specialist training has ensured that the Police Directorate has the skills necessary to preserve and recover evidence when investigating serious offences, as well as during their everyday work.

This course is another aspect of the Police Directorate’s continuing drive to upskill and develop officers to provide an improved service to the public.

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1 February 2019

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