St Helena Government (SHG) has been ‘Smoke-Free’ since 1 July 2018.

This means that staff and members of the public are not able to smoke anywhere on any SHG site. The ‘Smoke-Free Government’ policy is one part of efforts to create a new non-smoking ‘norm’ in the community, with government sites and staff members at work setting an example and creating public spaces where smoking is not part of the usual way of things.

The public is reminded of the below government areas that do not allow smoking on site:

All outside areas of SHG sites

Staff and members of the public are not able to smoke anywhere on any SHG site, including areas such as car parks and terraces. The car parks which come under the policy are those that are attached to or within the premises of an SHG Office or building that provides a public service i.e. the General Hospital. ‘No Smoking’ signage is in place in all areas affected.

If people wish to smoke they are requested to please smoke off site and away from the front of premises, to continue to support us in setting a smoke-free ‘norm’ for our community and our young people in particular.

The policy also provides greater protection for all staff and visitors from second-hand smoke, which is a health risk in outdoor areas as well as indoors.

Users of Francis Plain

The ‘Smoke-Free Government’ policy also applies to Francis Plain, this already happens on School Sports Days when a ‘no smoking’ policy has previously been in place. The area is used by many young people and families who attend to enjoy playing and watching sport. If you smoke and are using or attending events at Francis Plain, please smoke before or after you reach the area. We want to continue to show our children and young people a smoke-free example.

Notes to Editor:

The ‘Smoke-Free Government’ initiative forms part of the Health Promotion Strategic Framework (HPSF) which aims to reduce the illness, disability and early deaths in St Helena’s community due to type two diabetes, heart disease, stroke and cancers. Smoking and being overweight or obese are the two main preventable causes of all these conditions and the HPSF includes a range of measures to help the community reduce these issues.

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29 January 2019

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