Following the disassembly of the Signal House Mast flagpole, the refurbishment works of the lower flagpole have now been completed. After partially removing the fibre glass casing of the top section of the flagpole, deep rotting throughout the pole was uncovered. The in-situ assessment deemed both the yard arm and top section of the flagpole structurally compromised due to the deteriorating state.

The next stage will see the removal of the top section of the Signal House Mast and the temporary removal of the scaffolding until a replacement can be sought.

The Environment & Natural Resources Directorate (ENRD) is actively seeking a replacement mast and yard arm as well as analysing the material type based on historical features, improved maintenance and lifespan. Whether a wooden replacement or a non-wooden alternative is decided, any decision to change the proposed material of the flagpole will be undertaken though the planning process. ENRD will endeavour not to make any significant visual changes.

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14 March 2019

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