St Helena Government’s (SHG) Statistics Office is pleased to announce that the final survey report and dataset of the 2018 Business Survey is now available for download from the Statistics Reports & Publications Page of the SHG website:

Highlights from the findings include:

  • Retail and wholesale trade, vehicles and construction together account for over half of the Island’s private sector businesses and their employees
  • The main concerns local businesses have about the current business environment include low demand for their products and services, high costs (including of utilities), staffing issues, and the availability of commercial land
  • Only 15 local businesses (less than 12%) provide a pension benefit to their employees, and most of these are the larger businesses. The number of employees in these businesses is 629, or around 43% of private sector employees
  • Most employees in the private sector are service and sales workers (25%) or work in elementary occupations (21%). 11% of all employees work in occupations that are classed as managerial

The survey covered all 159 private sector businesses on St Helena that employ at least one person (sole trader enterprises were not included), and the total number of private sector employees, both full-time and part-time, was 1,444 at the end of March 2018. The report includes various charts and tables, using business classifications that were chosen to avoid the risk of being able to identify individual businesses from the summary statistics.

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15 March 2019

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