A new custom made quick response fire appliance is currently being built for the St Helena Fire & Rescue Service (SHF&RS). This new appliance, along with the large fire appliance purchased in 2018, replaces two current 6X6 land rovers that are no longer considered fit for purpose, due to constant mechanical failures and general wear and tear.

The new appliance is based on the Toyota land cruiser 6×6 MRV, as designed and manufactured by Marce in South Africa.

Brigade Manager, Alan Thomas, and Vehicle Fleet Manager, Nicholas George, have been in detailed design discussions with engineers from Marce agreeing specifications. The chassis has now been delivered and it is hoped that the vehicle will go into full production shortly for completion later this year. It will then undergo full trials by the SHF&RS and Transport Division prior to being shipped to St Helena.

Notes to Editors

In 2018, a review was carried out on the SHF&RS emergency response capabilities and operational resilience, based on Island-wide requirements. As a result, it was decided that a large fire appliance and a quick response unit, which would be smaller and more versatile, would be needed.

Following a detailed desktop market study, representatives from both the SHF&RS and Transport Division undertook site visits to selected fire stations and factories in the UK and South Africa in order to explore and discuss various options of suitable replacement fire tenders for St Helena.

As a direct result, a 4×4 2300L MAN water ladder was purchased for the large vehicle and is currently in operation today and the preferred choice for the quick response unit was the Toyota Landcruiser 6×6 MRV as designed and manufactured by Marce in South Africa.

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18 March 2019

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