On Saturday, 16 February 2019, St Helena Police responded to an incident where a number of children had lit a fire close to the Fire Station building at Ladder Hill.

On arrival at the scene it was noted that two separate fires had been lit – one in a disused building, and another at the base of a tree near the rear of the garage used to house the Fire Service vehicles and equipment.

A member of the Fire Service attended immediately and made sure that the fires were fully extinguished and that there were no further risks.

The implications of this sort of activity are extremely serious. With the amount of dried vegetation in the immediate area, the resulting consequences could have been severe.

Not only were the Fire Service vehicles and equipment, essential for maintaining community safety, subject to potential damage, but the children themselves, other members of the public, or even Fire Service personnel could have been seriously injured attempting to extinguish a deliberate fire.

The Police Directorate encourages all parents and guardians to explain to their children the very real risks associated with fire and warn them against this dangerous activity.

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18 February 2019

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