Prince Andrew School (PAS) Teacher, Gareth Drabble (see photo attached), has achieved the International Postgraduate Certificate in Education (iPGCE) specialising in Computing. This is a Masters level award accredited by the University of East London.

Gareth undertook study of the course from January 2018 to January 2019, carrying out all work, reading, and reflection, alongside his duties as a full-time teacher at PAS. Feedback from examiners stated that Gareth’s final research project was at an extremely high standard, having achieved 86%, and will be used as an exemplar for future students studying the iPGCE.

Gareth said:

“I am extremely pleased and relieved with the news that I have officially passed my iPGCE, specialising in Computing. Gaining an international teaching qualification in my area of study was something I aimed for from the outset of my initial teacher training. This qualification will enable me to teach in many different countries around the world, and has therefore opened up many possibilities for me. It will also now open up the opportunity for many other teachers on St Helena who wish to be internationally qualified.”

This distance learning programme was delivered with support, advice, and guidance from Teacher Training Advisor, Garry Cameron, and PAS Advisory Teacher, Frazer Stone. The success of any distance learning qualification depends on the quality of support available from programme coordinators and academic & subject mentors.

Garry said:

“This is a fantastic achievement for Gareth working full-time and studying for the award at Masters level. We are delighted for him. I trust he will enjoy a break from study as he deserves it after all the hard work. St Helena is very proud of Gareth achieving at this level and the excellent examiner’s comments should emphasise what he has achieved. I would also like to thank Frazer Stone sincerely for his subject expertise. This was most certainly a team approach.”

Frazer added:

“We are all extremely proud of Gareth’s achievement. The progress he has made over the past year is exceptional. It has been a pleasure to mentor Gareth through iPGCE qualification and we can only hope that he will be the first of many to take advantage of this new opportunity available to our Island. I would also like to take this opportunity to thank Garry Cameron for his support with the very challenging written elements of the assessment. I am sure Gareth would agree that Garry’s insight into writing at Postgraduate level was the difference between a basic pass and the excellent grades Gareth achieved.”

The gaining of this award is both a personal achievement for Gareth and also for teacher training on St Helena. It demonstrates that this level of award can be delivered on-Island with the correct support structure in place.

Gareth concluded:

“I would like to thank Garry Cameron and Frazer Stone for their guidance and support throughout the entirety of the course. Their knowledge and experience was crucial in helping me gain this qualification. I also thank God who in the words of Matthew McConaughey has ‘…graced my life with opportunities that I know are not of my hand or any other human hand’.”

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1 February 2019

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