Stored Water Volumes Decrease As Water Consumption Rates Increase

Over the past week, St Helena’s water consumption rates have increased – exceeding 1000 cubic metres of water per day and, as a result, stored water volumes have decreased to levels of 37.4%.

The St Helena Resilience Forum recognises that this reduction in stored water volumes and significant increase in consumption is likely due to St Helena’s peak holiday season. It is therefore important to ensure that everyone (residents and visitors) are aware of St Helena’s serious water shortage. The public is encouraged to spread the word and ensure they keep water use to essential needs only.

Connect Saint Helena is continuing to pump water from Chubb’s Spring and Hutt’s Gate as well as from Fisher’s Valley and Warren’s Gut.

The public is thanked for their efforts in reducing consumption thus far and are wished a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Every drop counts, every action counts – save water now to be safe later

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St Helena Resilience Forum
23 December 2019

St Helena Government Communications Hub

Telephone: 22470