St Helena Fostering Campaign

On St Helena there is a need for foster placements for many different reasons and it is important that there are foster carers trained and available to provide different levels of support to children and young people.

Fostering means looking after a child or young person in your home, caring for them while their own parents are unable to do so, providing a stable family environment and helping them to develop and succeed.

There are many different types of fostering placements. Every child and young person will have different needs. A positive outcome for fostering may be returning to their parents or extended family. Other children may succeed best in long term alternative families including permanent foster care placements. However, there are also some unique placement types such as parent and child placements which involves providing support and guidance to a young mother and/or father helping them develop their parenting skills while offering care for their children.

The type of placement that carers will provide will be based on their particular skills and abilities, their family situation, the suitability of their home and their availability to give support.

There is a fostering allowance paid to you for opening your home to foster a child.

Fostering can be a real challenge and is not for everyone, but for those that decide it is for them, they will find it fulfilling and rewarding.

If you would like to know more about fostering, please go along to one of the venues listed below and have a chat with Mr Lynval Thompson from the Fostering Campaign Team, on behalf of the Children & Adult Social Care Directorate.

Date Venue Time
Monday, 15 July Prince Andrew School 4pm-6pm
Tuesday, 16 July Harford Primary School 4pm-6pm
Wednesday, 17 July St Paul’s Primary School 6.30pm-8pm
Thursday, 18 July Anne’s Place 11am-2pm
Thursday, 18 July Pilling Primary School 5pm-7pm


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9 July 2019

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