New Year Honours 2020

His Excellency Governor Dr Philip Rushbrook is pleased to announce the following New Year Honours 2020:

British Empire Medal (BEM)

Cecil (Lars)  Repetto and Edward (Eddie) Rogers were both nominated for Services to the Community in Tristan da Cunha and have been awarded a British Empire Medal (BEM):

Lars Repetto

Lars Repetto was born on 7 December 1937. In 1963 he became part of the Tristan resettlement survey party that was established following the volcanic eruption on Tristan when the community was evacuated to the UK in 1961. The successful survey paved the way for the islanders to return home in November of the same year.

Lars worked at the fish factory as the accountant for the majority of his working life and also took on the unpaid role of island councillor from 1973-1976 and 1979-1982.

Lars has also served the community of Tristan da Cunha for 47 years as a voluntary lay minister in St Marys Anglican Church.

Lars is highly regarded within the community and revels in talking about the Island’s history.  He is known as a friendly, thoughtful and knowledgeable man who is proud to be an islander. 

Edward Rogers

Edward Patrick Rogers was born on 6 September 1945.  Following the eruption of the volcano in 1961 when the community was evacuated to the UK, Eddie worked on ships of the Union-Castle line between Southampton and South Africa.

After his return to Tristan in 1963 Eddie worked in the fish factory as a welder to support the fishermen and the island’s lobster market. He was also a fisherman himself and he remained a loyal employee of the factory until his retirement in 2011. 

Eddie also served the community in the unpaid role of island councillor from 1989 to 1991.

Eddie served the community of Tristan da Cunha in his 47 years of voluntary work as a lay minister in St Marys Anglican Church.

Eddie is well respected by the Island community for his long-standing service to the Island and its people.

Administrator of Tristan da Cunha, Sean Burns, said:

“Both men have served the Tristan community, through their lay ministry duties (and much more besides) for many years. Both the Anglican and Catholic churches on Tristan are embedded into Island life. The recruitment of full-time vicars and priests has been historically very difficult so the duties have invariably fallen to the lay ministers. The church plays an important part of island life providing much needed support to families in times of need. 

Nominate someone for an honour

Honours are awarded to recognise outstanding achievements and service to the community. For example, long-term voluntary service, innovation and entrepreneurship, and improving life for people less able to help themselves.

Anyone can nominate someone for an honour. To find out how you can nominate please visit: or contact the Secretary to the Honours Committee, Linda Benjamin, via:

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