Kyle Shoesmith Achieves First Class Honours in Civil Engineering

Kyle Shoesmith of Half Tree Hollow, has recently graduated having achieved a First Class Honours Bachelor of Engineering Degree in Civil Engineering following three years of study at the University of Portsmouth.

Kyle said:

“After completion of my engineering course I am thrilled to say that I have achieved a First Class Honours Degree. I have maintained a first overall for each year of study but found my third and final year both the most challenging and rewarding.”

During his course, Kyle studied units such as Energy Resources and Infrastructure, an Integrated Civil Engineering Design Project, Professional Development 3, a Research Methods & Individual Project, and Transportation Engineering.

A large focus of Kyle’s coursework was his dissertation project, accounting for two of the six units for the academic year. Choosing Transportation Engineering, Kyle was able to produce research regarding ‘Vehicle Placement and Pavement Deterioration at Horizontal Curves’.

Kyle commented:

“This was a unique and fulfilling experience in which I surveyed approximately 10,000 vehicles and used the findings to establish possible relationships between the effects of vehicles and pavement deterioration for more accurate maintenance predictions.”

During his dissertation research, Kyle was in regular contact and worked with a PhD student from the university. In the near future, both Kyle and the student hope to combine and further their research.

Alongside the hard work of being an engineering student in university, Kyle also managed to enjoy life in the UK by traveling during his breaks and partaking in sports and other hobbies, though this was more difficult during the final year.

Kyle explained:

“This year, I have engaged the least in non-course related activities such as sports and social events due to the academic workload. However, I have continued as a member of the gym adjacent to my student accommodation, and frequently visited family and friends outside of Portsmouth.”

Kyle successfully completed his course and graduated on Monday, 15 July 2019.

He concluded:

“Overall, I am pleased that I have achieved what I set out to do, and in the process have met good people and have obtained valuable life experiences. My achievement is a reflection of those who have helped me throughout the way, no matter how large or small, including the scholarship committee, employers, teachers, family and friends.

“I would encourage other saints to strive to reach their full potential with any opportunities available. In doing so, your potential will grow allowing for limitless development.”

Kyle will soon return to St Helena where he will be employed by St Helena Government as a Graduate Engineer.

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17 July 2019

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