Education Committee Meeting – Wednesday 21 August 2019

The monthly meeting of the Education Committee took place on Wednesday, 21 August 2019.

Returning Scholarship students – David Clarke, Jordan Clingham and Kyle Shoesmith – who had all passed their degree programmes with first class honours were invited to the meeting where they gave feedback to the Committee on their experiences while studying in the United Kingdom.  All three highly commended the opportunity awarded to students to study abroad through scholarships and also highlighted some areas for possible improvement. The Committee was informed that there was no real incentive for students to return to the Island after completing university except that they were bonded. It was recommended that a road map outlining progression prospects at work on the Island for university graduates be developed. The students urged the Education Committee to encourage graduates to take the option of spending an extra year in the United Kingdom upon completion of degree programmes in order to gain work experience, which is an essential component to their career development and work delivery on the Island. They also felt it was important for outgoing students to be practically exposed to their chosen field of study on the Island prior to leaving for university, urging the Education Committee to assist students to get this exposure within local companies.

The recently recruited Educational Psychologist, Margaret Banks, made a presentation to the Committee highlighting some of the methods she intend to employ in working with children and young people on the Island to improve their socio-economic outcomes. Margaret will start work next term at Prince Andrew School and comes at a time when the Directorate is in great need of her expertise.

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