Children & Adults Social Care Directorate recognises World Elder Abuse Awareness Day

World Elder Abuse Awareness Day (WEAAD) is recognised every year on 15 June. WEAAD is an opportunity for communities around the world to promote a better understanding and raise awareness of abuse and neglect of older persons. This year’s theme was ‘Lifting Up Voices’ and the colour for the day was ‘purple’.

On St Helena, WEAAD was recognised with a special tea party for residents of the Princess Royal Community Care Centre (CCC) on 15 June.

As an extension of the day, the Children & Adults Social Care Directorate also held a number of community and residential elderly person’s tea parties for residents in various Island districts from Monday, 24 June, to Friday, 28 June 2019.

The parties comprised of welcome and awareness raising speeches, interactive games such as ‘lucky dip’ and ‘pass the parcel’, singing along to old time favourites, dancing the much loved ‘Boston’ and being entertained by line dancers. Tasty snacks were enjoyed by all, accompanied by the sounds of timeless music provided by Keith ‘KJ’ Joshua.

The final tea party took place on Wednesday, 3 July, at the CCC for residents there and from Cape Villa.

Below are comments from some of the people who attended the tea parties:

Cecily Walton of Cow Path:

“When I entered the room I felt the warmth from the staff and my husband and I felt overwhelmed by the welcome and support of staff. The speech from Manager, Nicolene Adams, on raising abuse awareness was really good and touched my heart deeply. The food was great, music was wonderful and the whole day was brilliant.”

Anne Buckley of Sandy Bay:

“I thought the abuse awareness raising teas were a wonderful idea because ever since I have been back on-Island, I have never been invited to something like this. When I arrived [to the party] I thought that we were only going to have tea and sit around, instead there was music, dancing, brilliant games and good food.”

Doris Knipe of Levelwood:

“I thought the day was brilliant, I got to meet with the Longwood people who I have not seen for a long time, I am looking forward to another day like this in the future.”

Sheila Henry of Longwood:

“I was really happy and couldn’t wish for anything better. The eye-opening moment for me was to see most of the older people on the dance floor doing their old time dancing and enjoying it.”

Eric George of St Paul’s:

“I wish to thank all staff for the efficiency as the day was planned perfectly.”

Fay Nichols of Jamestown:

“I really enjoyed the line dancing and socialising with the elderly folks. I enjoyed the tea and the food.”

Community & Residential Disability Manager and UN ST Helena Domestic Violence Project Manager, Nicolene Adams, concluded:

“I wish to sincerely thank the United Nations for the funding and all the staff of the Children & Adults Social Care Directorate who worked tirelessly to ensure the success of the events.

“Once again today the message goes out to each of us, to be informed and aware of services available to the elderly, to diligently and honourably uphold and support the rights of all our elderly to live with dignity and respect. We are also being challenged to take the time to visit, to speak to, to offer help, to care and keep our elderly safe.

“In my final thoughts, I would like to close with this quote from Nelson Mandela who said: ‘A society that does not value its older people denies its roots and endangers its future. Let us strive to enhance their capacity to support themselves for as long as possible and, when they cannot do so anymore, to care for them’.”

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5 July 2019

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