Maundy Thursday falls this year on 18 April. As per tradition, many members of the public will spend this time fishing at various locations around the Island.

The Sea Rescue Service advises the public to consider taking the following items on their fishing trip:

  • Fully charged mobile phone, VHF Radio, GPS
  • Personal Flotation Device/Life Jacket
  • Suitable clothing for weather conditions, including if possible some sort of Hi-Vis
  • Any prescription medication
  • A First Aid Kit including at least a bandage, gauze, plasters and some antiseptic cream or wipes
  • Sufficient food and drinking water
  • Adequate lighting

Fishermen are encouraged to inform a family member or friend of their intended fishing location and their expected time of return. It is not recommended that anyone fish alone.

Throughout Maundy Thursday night, the Sea Rescue Service will be patrolling various fishing spots. If any assistance is required they will be monitoring VHF Channel 16. The Sea Rescue Service can be signalled by a flashing or waving light and, as usual, will still be contactable in an emergency via telephone number 999.

The following tides are expected during Maundy Thursday and Good Friday:

Maundy Thursday 

High tide: 14.20hrs Low tide: 20.35hrs

Sunrise: 06.31hrs Sunset: 18.13hrs

Moonrise: 17.50hrs

Good Friday

High tide: 02.33hrs Low tide: 08.45hrs            

Moon set: 06.24hrs

Sunrise: 06.31hrs

The weather forecast for Maundy Thursday from 1200hrs onwards indicates wind blowing from a south-easterly direction at approximately 15 knots. There will be a south-westerly swell running at a height of 1.22m, which will peak at 2.44m. These conditions will mostly affect the windward side of the Island.  

The weather forecast for Maundy Thursday will also be posted at the main landing steps at the lower Wharf.

The Sea Rescue team would like to wish everyone a safe and happy Easter.

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15 April 2019

St Helena Government Communications Hub

Telephone: 22470