In the Social & Community Development Committee (SCDC) meeting summary of 26 April 2019 it was reported that employment of up to 15 overseas staff for the Safeguarding Directorate would be going ahead.

Following feedback from Elected Members and the public, St Helena Government (SHG) advises the public that this recruitment will no longer proceed. Instead, the directorate will look to locally increase staffing through a recruitment drive and overall review of terms and conditions across the directorate.

This would also enable existing staff within the Community Care Centre (CCC) the opportunity to progress in their profession alongside increased flexibility in shift patterns and leave requirements.

SHG has considered all options and reached what is hoped to be the most appropriate decision to support the most vulnerable members of society residing within the CCC.

The Safeguarding Director and the SCDC Chairman, Councillor Tony Green, will be on radio today providing further details on this decision.

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23 May 2019

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