Over the last 10 months, 170 community members who smoke have come forward to get some help to quit and there is now a new set of freed ex-smokers on-Island. Quitting can be a process though and, for some people, especially if they have smoked for some time, it may take different techniques to succeed.

The great news is that international evidence shows strongly that once someone who smokes decides fully that they want to quit, eventually they succeed. The health benefits of quitting can be seen within a short space of time. Benefits include reduced blood pressure, easier breathing and reduced chest tightness. The benefits of quitting then result in reducing your risk of serious chronic conditions and life-threatening complications from these conditions.

There are now Smoking Cessation Clinics at two different venues on-Island. Please see attached poster for details. If you are an SHG employee you may attend your appointment during working hours.

Quitting can be more effective with Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT). There are different types available and some work better for different people. If you’ve tried one and still couldn’t quit, come back and try another option. If you have the desire to quit, the Smoking Cessation Clinic staff at the Health Directorate can help you achieve this.


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3 May 2019


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