Following reports of two shark sightings during April 2018, the St Helena Resilience Forum (SHRF) reminds the public to use caution when swimming in the sea and to be aware of their surroundings.

If any member of the public sees a shark in any known swimming areas, please note any details of its appearance and behaviour and inform either Harbourmaster, David Caswell, on tel: 22287 or email:, or Sea Rescue Manager, Simon Wade, on tel: 25052 or email:

Things to look out for if you see a shark include:

  • Fin characteristics, dorsal and pectoral (size, shape, colour, any scarring)
  • Body colour (tuna-like metallic sheen, blue/grey)
  • Body shape (rigid or slinky)
  • Snout (round or pointed)
  • Position in water (surfaced or underwater)
  • Swimming behaviour (fast repetitive turns, calm unidirectional, figure of ‘8’)
  • Time of day and exact location
  • Your activity (fishing from boat, fishing from shore, diving, swimming)

The SHRF has received numerous reports of Devil Ray sightings, which can sometimes be confused with a shark sighting due to the way the Rays surface. While the SHRF assess these reports, they ask that the public remain vigilant and to report anything unusual.

The maritime community is also reminded to refrain from disposing of any fish waste in the water at James Bay or Rupert’s Bay as this could potentially attract a shark to the area.

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24 May 2018

St Helena Government Communications Hub

Telephone: 22470