Two Firearms Instructors from the UK Government have recently visited the Island to deliver refresher training to the St Helena Police Service’s Firearms Officers.

The training, which took place from 4-8 June, involved re-qualifying on the various weapon systems, including Taser, to UK standards. Several sessions were also delivered which covered the Law surrounding the Use of Force and dealing with a range of tactical scenarios.

Chief Inspector, Steve Riley, said:

“I am extremely grateful to the team who took time out of their busy schedule to travel to the Island and deliver top quality training. I would also like to thank the officers who worked long hours in physically demanding conditions. 

“Firearms and knife crime on St Helena is thankfully a rare event. Despite this, the St Helena Police Service must be fully ready and trained to deal with an incident should it occur in order to fulfil our role of protecting the community. I hope to see the instructors back on-Island in the future so that we can continue to develop the skills of local officers.”

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20 June 2018

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