The Health Directorate will officially launch a community campaign called ‘Saints Together’ on Monday, 21 May 2018 (St Helena’s Day).

This campaign was designed locally by the residents of St Helena, and is based on what they want for the health of all the people who live on St Helena Island.

The campaign will support the work under the Health Promotion Strategic Framework that will engage and bring together the efforts of different parts of the community to make healthy choices easier for people to do and fit into daily life. The campaign will be seen across different initiatives.

Therefore, where you see this heart symbol and ‘Saints Together’, means this will be an opportunity for you, your family, and all of us to make a small change and together achieve big things for our health.

‘Saints Together’ was the name that community members themselves suggested for the campaign as they felt that this was something that we need to do together and achieve together. The great sense of identity as Saints and our sense of community were big advantages that they felt would help us all in making the changes needed.

Another important thing that community members felt was that our life here on St Helena offers a lot of freedom, in our landscape, and in our community life. Yet because of ill health and because some issues like being overweight or smoking limit what we can do or how we feel, community members thought we need to take the right kind of steps so that Saints can be fully ‘free’ and make the most of the life we have on the Island.

People who took part in the community workshops to design the campaign suggested the Heart symbol because they love being Saints, and love our community, and want the ‘Saints Together’ campaign to help local people feel better and be well.

The campaign is just the most visual part of the work being done in the community to make healthy choices easier. The other work will make the easy healthy choices a reality and the campaign will help signpost people to what these healthy options are.

For example in July you will see it in shops to highlight drink choices and swaps that can make a big difference to your sugar intake and your risk of diabetes and heart disease.

In June and July also you will see it to encourage smokers to think about ways to quit smoking and to show what some support options to do this are.

You will see the ‘Saints Together’ logo as part of initiatives to strengthen opportunities for people to fit some activity into daily life.

Everyone in our community is urged to engage with the campaign and to be part of making a positive change so that our community members can live their lives to the full.

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15 May 2018

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