St Helena Police have been consulting with communities across the Island as part of their Neighbourhood Policing Programme. A series of meetings and surgeries were held which were well attended, and a range of subjects discussed.

Concerns raised in various districts include:

Half Tree Hollow, Longwood and Alarm Forest

Residents raised concerns about the excessive speed of vehicles in the Half Tree Hollow (generally happens between Thursdays and Sundays), Lady Margaret Field, Longwood Avenue and Alarm Forest areas

 Police have shown a high visibility presence within these areas both on foot and mobile. Road Safety Policing is in place and any anti-social use of our roads is being targeted. Drivers are reminded that they will be stopped and dealt with if they continue to drive in an anti-social manner. Remember, driving over the speed limit increases your chances of being in a crash and shortens the time you have to react to avoid a crash.  Please drive safely.

 St Paul’s

Street lights are needed along the roads in Sapper Way, White Gate and Red Hill as a safety measure for road users

 This request was sent to ‘Report it, Sort it’ and also the Roads Section. Walkers can also help by making themselves visible to drivers by wearing reflective materials, bright/light coloured clothing, carrying a torch at night, and walking on the side of the road facing oncoming traffic.


Vehicles are driving around playing loud music

 Police are aware of this problem and have been stopping drivers for playing loud music in their vehicles, this will continue. Police also appeal to those concerned to please have some consideration for others.

Public toilet facilities across the Island are in a disgraceful state

 This issue has been referred to ‘Report It, Sort It’ for follow-up by the relevant departments.


Concerns have been raised about the amount of litter on Side Path Road

This is not only unsightly but also an offence and persons seen or reported offending will be dealt with in accordance with the law. The Police encourage the public to report anyone seen committing these offences.

Disabled parking spaces in Jamestown are being misused

Persons seen parked in the disabled parking spaces and not displaying the appropriate permit, will be asked to move. Police appeal to those responsible to please refrain from doing this as the disabled parking spaces are there for a reason.

Double yellow lines are needed opposite the Jamestown Playground as drivers are parking on that side of the road causing congestion for other road users

Police sent this request to the Roads Section to enquire if there is any funding available to paint the lines. Regarding the congestion, officers will continue with their patrols and monitoring of the area, dealing with any offences.

 Taxi parking spaces are being used by other vehicles and taxis have nowhere to park

 This issue has been forwarded to the Highways Authority for attention.


 Team 1 – leave a telephone message on: 25301 or email:

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Team 3 – leave a telephone message on: 25300 or email:

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 13 March 2018


St Helena Government Communications Hub

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