The Landscape & Ecology Mitigation Programme (LEMP), for the St Helena Airport Project (SHAP), has been divested to the St Helena National Trust (SHNT) from 1 August 2018.

The LEMP originally formed part of SHAP’s Environmental Statement and is a planning requirement for SHAP. The LEMP seeks to provide compensatory habitats and landscape treatment to reduce and offset the permanent direct loss of habitat, and the direct and indirect impacts on the Island landscapes, as a result of the airport construction and supporting infrastructure.

The project currently has two key remits:

  • Reinstatement of land temporarily disturbed due to airport construction works
  • Compensation for 1.5 times any land permanently lost through airport construction

Over the past few years the LEMP team, in partnership with local organisations, have completed a significant amount of work towards these goals. These include the planting of over 70,000 plants and construction of just under 10km of rabbit-proof fencing. Some of these successful achievements can be seen by road users on the approach to St Helena Airport from Bottom Woods.

Director of SHNT, Jeremy Harris, commented:

“The Trust is thrilled to have been engaged by SHG to undertake the remaining three years of the LEMP project. The LEMP team are a great group of enthusiastic and dedicated individuals who will fit in well at the Trust and we are pleased to have them join us. They have already achieved a great deal and there is much good work still to come that we are proud to be involved with.”

Director of ENRD, Derek Henry, added:

“The divestment of the LEMP to the SHNT is a positive move that will help support and promote the work of the Trust. It will also open up new possibilities beyond the life of the project, to maintain the ongoing excellent work that the LEMP team has done to date. I am pleased that the Trust has embraced this opportunity.”

For more information please contact LEMP Team Leader, Shayla Ellick, at the SHNT office at Broadway House, via email:, or via tel: 22307.

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10 August 2018

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