Over the weekend of 2 & 3 November, the students were paired up with an experienced Police Officer and went out on patrol. They dealt with a variety of incidents from parking obstructions to dealing with intoxicated members of the public. The debrief on Monday morning highlighted that Policing is diverse and no shift is exactly the same. The students expressed their enjoyment of putting what they have been learning into practice.

Monday, saw the students attending Magistrates Court for a visit, whilst also giving evidence relating to the stop/search exercise they had conducted the previous Thursday. The experience highlighted the importance of taking their time whilst completing paperwork and to pay more attention to detail. Thanks go to the Chief Magistrate for his time during the visit.

On Tuesday, the students were introduced to traffic legislation, exploring the difference between a mechanically propelled vehicle and a motor vehicle. The afternoon saw more scenario training taking place outside of Donny’s Club. Students noted that it is fairly difficult to stop a vehicle in a safe, controlled manner, and then to start applying applicable legislation, ensuring that the correct piece of legislation is used.

On Wednesday, the students took part in the major incident exercise at St Helena Airport.

They then returned to the classroom on Thursday where a guest speaker spoke about Construction & Use offences, how to spot defective windows, wipers, and exhausts.

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13 November 2018

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