The UK’s Department of Health & Social Care has advised that Her Majesty’s Government intends to increase the annual amount of the Immigration Health Surcharge (IHS) later this year, subject to Parliamentary time and agreement.

The IHS was introduced in 2015 and requires anyone seeking permission to reside in the UK for six months or more to pay an IHS with their Visa application fee. It is expected for the IHS to increase to £400 per annum for most applicants, with a reduction for those applying under the Youth Mobility Scheme, who would likely need to pay an IHS of £300 per annum.

Holders of a British Citizen passport on St Helena are not liable to pay the IHS as they are not required to apply for a Visa to enter or reside in the UK.

Those, including on St Helena, travelling on a British Overseas Territories Citizen (BOTC) passport who intend to reside in the UK for more than six months will need to apply for a Visa and will therefore be liable to pay the IHS.

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6 February 2018

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